Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

I have known about Google Docs for some time now but have never needed to use it due to the fact I move about different venues and do not have the same access to my own profile when using different PC's at work.  I do know how it works and think it is a good tool but I just do not need to use it.

I have had a look at Wikis and again I do not really have any need to use them due to the fact I have a drive within the Intranet at work which lets me share files with my colleagues.  I do see it as a use full tool but just not required at present.

Dropbox I use at home to store and share photos with family and friends and see this as a great tool for sharing files and to use for backing up files.  Backing up files is something I do not need to worry about at work as everything gets backed up, but at home some of my personal files are very important to me especially personal photos which cannot be replaced.  Dropbox also lets me sync my files for use with other computers which I find very useful as I use a laptop, an ipad and the itouch.  

I find all of these resources very useful and feel it is good to know they are out there, as I can promote the uses of these tools to the members of the public to whom I teach ICT.  In my job I need to know what type of resources are out there and I need to keep up to date with new trends.  There may be a time when I will use more of these tools but at present I will pick and choose what resources are more useful to me than others.  One of the reasons I following CDP 23 Things is to find out more about resources and useful tools to help do my job better and to learn more about what is out there.

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